Designing a human retail experience for real-life customers

A study presented during a half-day workshop about retail in 2030

– 4 scenarios

We are the Enigma Lab. Using future thinking, service design and organizational innovation we help organizations and teams in the retail industry get ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

Sensors, 3D printing, drone delivery, virtual reality or bots... lots of us are excited to leverage every new gadget and enhance the consuming experience.
 But there are opportunities for the future of retail that go far beyond tech.

Over the past years, e-commerce has become m-commerce. People are always online in a globalized world. And yet they are crazy for craft products and local food. 

At a time where the necklace designer across the street has to compete with Sao Paolo, Sydney, or Chennai, retailers from all over the world have a unique opportunity to design the personal, close to real-life experience their customers are craving for.

How can we help?

We strongly believe that just like all the other clients we help, it is the perfect time for the retail industry to get ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

Let's explore the potential of digital transformation and human-centered service design. Let's unleash your imagination and create new business models to offer customers a great retail experience.

Let's have fun.

At Enigma it's our job to help organizations be great at what they do.

What will your future look like?

And how can you get ready?

We’re living exciting times! So many possibilities, so many questions!

If you are working in the retail sector, you probably have a lot of questions about the future of your industry.

Value proposition

What unique value can retailers leverage in order to fight online competition?


How can we improve the quality of the retail experience?


What can retailers learn from the latest social trends?


How can retailers offer  personalized experience and products?


What tech innovations can be used to enhance human relations in the retail experience?

Big data

How can retailers make use of big data?

Are you living in someone else’s future or are you creating your own ?

Today with the speed and the complexity of change organisations react and adapt to change very differently. At Enigma when we work with organisations and help them innovate change, we see several positive and negative forces at play.

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4 scenarios for retail in 2030

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